Center for Research & Development

Partnerships for Innovation

We are a R&D Center focused in the development and validation of new products & processes.
Our mission is to develop technological solutions to support new product launch as well as regulatory and market compliance, adding economic value to Medinfar Group and to our customers.
Our team of Senior Scientists and Lab Techinicians, has a strong background in development pharmaceuticals and analytical applications.
Our Services

We offer a fully integrated service of Pharmaceutical Development with MEDINFAR Group manufacturing site – FARMALABOR, allowing an accelerated development of a wide range of solid, semi-solid and liquid non-sterile formulations, from lab scale to industrial scale.

  • Pre-formulation & Formulation Services
  • Prototype Formulation Development
  • Development and tech transfer capabilities
  • Scale-up and full scale manufacturing with a wide range of available industrial batch sizes
  • From Kilo Development to Ton Manufacturing

Our team of Analytical Scientists provides a full range of services, including, reverse engineering of pharmaceutical formulations.

  • Analytical Method Development & Validation (assay, impurities, preservatives, dissolution)
  • Stability Testing – Force degradation studies
  • Stability testing – all climate zones
  • Release testing
  • QP Services
  • Cleaning method validation
  • Physical properties characterization



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