Medinfar Sorológico
Founded approximately 80 years ago, the Laboratório Sorológico, currently known as Medinfar Sorológico, provides a wide range of medicinal products for Veterinary and Human use.

Veterinary Use

In order to meet the stringent demands of the Animal Healthcare market in Portugal, Medinfar Sorológico markets medicinal products and medical devices for veterinary use, electronic animal identification devices, composite animal feeds and herd vaccines for various animal species, including companion and production animals.

Main therapeutic areas and products


Human Use

For 20 years Medinfar Sorológico has boasted a department exclusively dedicated to Medical Devices for Human use.

Medinfar Sorológico continuously focuses on marketing a wider range of increasingly specialized medical devices for Human use, currently representing several internationally renowned brands, in areas such as Heart Surgery, General Surgery, Vascular Surgery, Cardiology, Nephrology and Transplant.

In the field of Cardiology, Medinfar Sorológico is the exclusive representative of the Cardioline brand (ECG, Cardiac Stress Test, Holter and ABPM). Consult our catalogue for additional information.


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