MEDINFAR Group has always been committed to health.

Today more than ever, we can say that this is a lifelong commitment and that our purpose is to secure the future. We coined this motto as part of our 50-year anniversary celebrations in 2020. We want to preserve all the experience gained so far in these fifty years, so that we can continue on our path and SECURE THE FUTURE.

We work every day in order to grow with resilience, rigor and passion for what really moves us. We want MEDINFAR Group to be a company always prepared for the challenges of a fast-moving and complex world in which the promotion of health and the prevention of diseases are our main guidelines.

Our strategy is based on a competitive portfolio, the integration of complementary and diverse areas and a sales approach always focused on our customer needs. All this is supported by a constant pursuit towards tailored solutions, in an increasingly globalized world, aimed at a complete value chain: research, development, manufacturing, marketing and distribution.

We remain committed to building a sustainable, innovative and technologically advanced corporate environment, giving all relevance to what is our most valuable asset - people, while also reinforcing our internal culture around three values that define our DNA: TO CHALLENGE, CREATE AND CARE.

João Almeida Lopes