The MEDINFAR Group is proud to promote professional development and foster an ambitious and pioneering spirit in all our employees.

We encourage progress, so that everyone can make a difference and thus build a solid career.

All members of our staff share this culture, a sustained ambition in work and talent, and a strong investment in innovation so that we can contribute to the greater good every day: everyone’s health.

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We invest in the development of talent and believe in its evolution. We are aware that the young students of today will become future members of our teams. Our internships are aimed at developing technical and behavioural skills in order to enhance their personal and professional growth.

We want to contribute to your training and help shape your talents. Send us your application to


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File formats: pdf, docx, zip Search

Personal Data Confidentiality Conditions

The personal data collected in the application form is confidential and will be processed and stored electronically in files owned by Medinfar Serviços , Lda. The reason for collecting your personal data is to allow applicants to participate in our recruitment processes as well as the prospects of a potential working relationship of the data owner with the MEDINFAR Group.

Some fields are mandatory to complete. Failure to supply the necessary data may lead to hindering the prospects of an eventual working relationship of the data owner with MEDINFAR Group Personal data.

A informação fornecida poderá ser transmitida a entidade terceira contratada especificamente para esse efeito e será armazenada por um período máximo de 1 [um] ano, para efeitos de gestão de eventuais processos de recrutamento futuros.

At any time, the data owner may enforce its rights of access, rectification, deletion or erasure, under the legal terms, by contacting the MEDINFAR Group at You may also contact the Portuguese Data Protection Authority (CNPD) at

We request that the data you include in the application form is appropriate, accurate and pertinent for the purpose for which it is intended. In addition, any data supplied by you should not contain third party data.