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General Conditions of Use - acceptance of our rules

Any User can visit this Website, freely and at any time for private use. “User" shall mean any individual or corporate entity who accesses or has accessed this Website. By visiting the Website, you agree to these General Conditions as well as to the contents of the Privacy Policies, the Cookie Policy and other applicable legal texts (hereinafter jointly referred to as "Legal Notices").

In any case, the User shall use this Website and its contents in accordance with these General Conditions and other Notices, and undertakes to:

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IV. Not to send content to the Website that you are not authorized to use or make available, namely in cases where this constitutes an infringement of the intellectual property rights of third parties;

V. Not to send content to the Website that is illegal, false, inaccurate, abusive, improper or discriminatory or content that could affect our good name and reputation.

Website Access

Medinfar is solely entitled to suspend, partially or totally, access to the Website at any time, especially in management, maintenance, repair, modification or upgrading operations, and to close the Website, whether definitively or temporarily, in part or in full, at any time. This shall not give rise to any liability for Medinfar. Preventing Users from accessing certain contents of our Website or all of it, does not entitle Users to claim any compensation.

Intellectual Property Rights

The User acknowledges that the contents of this Website are protected by intellectual property rights and undertakes to respect such rights.

The contents of this Website, namely logos, brands, drawings, text, images, audio and video files, RSS feeds, podcasts, Flash tutorials, graphics, and all other information and the way they are graphically represented on the Website are owned by Medinfar or partners, as well as the layout and structure of the Website.

Copyright laws and/or other intellectual property laws, particularly regulations concerning patents and trademarks, protect these contents.

The User is not allowed to display, reproduce, distribute, modify, transmit or use the contents of this Website, for whatever reason, free of charge or for economic purposes, in any format or media.

Moreover, the use of any graphic, video or audio content without the respective text or subtitles is not permitted.

Notwithstanding, the User is authorised to copy the partial or full content of documents on this website (except in the case of content duly identified as third-party property) for non-commercial purposes, as long as these copies contain all references to copyrights and intellectual property rights.

The use of logos and trademarks on this Website as well as the availability of materials on the Website, do not allow Users to use, directly or indirectly, such trademarks and logos. This depends on written consent by Medinfar.

Except for the abovementioned cases, any form of reproduction, in part or in full, by any means and for any purpose is expressly forbidden, and nothing in this Website can be construed as granting any rights or licenses.


The names of products referred to on this Website are registered trademarks of Laboratório Medinfar - Produtos Farmacêuticos or any of its Affiliated Companies (Medinfar Group), except for those cases where these trademarks appear as third-party property. All rights are reserved.

Limitations and Exclusion of our Liability

The information made available on the Website has been analysed thoroughly. However, such information is merely informative and may contain errors or inaccuracies, mainly due to continuous medical and scientific advances and developments.

Thus, Medinfar shall not be held liable for ensuring that any recommendation or information made available on this Website or obtained through the use thereof, is up-to-date, correct, current, complete or precise, free of errors, reliable or that it responds to the needs, purposes and expectations of the Users.

Medinfar does not promote or is responsible for the content of third-party Websites that have links to this Website or that can be accessed thereby. Medinfar has no obligation whatsoever to monitor or control such contents.

Medical Information/Medical Advice

The use of information obtained or downloaded from our Website regarding any of the products sold by Medinfar and its affiliates is at the User's own risk. The medical information on this Website is not and cannot be understood as a substitute for informed medical advice or diagnosis. Therefore, patients and/or health professionals should seek the advice of healthcare entities. Users can and should consult their regulatory authorities to clarify and obtain the information they deem necessary.


Personal Data Processing

Browsing through this Website does not imply the supply of personal data of Users.

However, Medinfar provides an online application form. Filling out this form implies the supply of personal data of Users, which will be processed within the recruitment and selection process of the MEDINFAR GROUP. For further information, please consult our Data Protection and Confidentiality Conditions and our Privacy Policy.

In case of doubt, or in case you wish to enforce any of your rights as data owner, you may contact us at rh.rgpd@medinfar.pt.

Website Links

It is expressly forbidden to create links to the home page of the MEDINFAR GROUP corporate website, or to any of the websites of affiliated companies, without the prior written consent of Medinfar.

Website changes

Medinfar reserves the right, at any time and without prior notice, to change, add, update or delete these Terms of Use, in part or in full.

The User should consult them from time to time to confirm if any updates or changes have been made.

If any specific part or provision of these Terms of Use is not enforceable or conflicts with applicable law at any time that shall not affect the validity of the remaining parts or provisions.

Questions and suggestions

If you have any questions about these Terms of Use, please send us your query to legal@medinfar.pt.

References to "Medinfar" and "MEDINFAR GROUP" should be deemed references to Laboratório Medinfar - Produtos Farmacêuticos S.A. and its Affiliates.

Applicable Law

These Terms of Use are subject to Portuguese law.

Last updated: 07/MAY/2020


As we are aware of the concerns related to the way we process your Personal Data, at MEDINFAR we recognize the importance of protecting your privacy.

We want our Customers to be informed of the general privacy rules as well as the terms and conditions for the processing of data that we collect, in strict compliance with the applicable legislation. Hence, the following laws and regulations apply to our privacy policy: Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and Council of 27 April 2016 ("General Data Protection Regulation" or "GDPR"); Law 67/98 - Personal Data Protection Act, which transposes Directive nº 95/46/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 24 October 1995 into the Portuguese legal system, on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing, in all matters not contrary to the GDPR, until a new legal act is enacted; as well as the guidelines issued by the Portuguese Data Protection Authority ("CNPD").

Thus, this Privacy Policy describes which Personal Data is collected, how it is used, why it is necessary and how its collection and processing may benefit you or be of your interest. If you have any questions, want any explanation, or wish to enforce any of your rights, please contact us.


Personal Data

According to the General Data Protection Regulation, personal data ("Personal Data") means any information of any nature and regardless of its media, including sound and image, relating to an identified or identifiable person ("Data Owner" or "Owners"). An identifiable person is one who can be identified directly or indirectly, namely by reference to an identification number or to more factors specific to their physical, physiological, mental, economic, cultural or social identity.

What Personal Data is collected and processed

By using our website, whilst contacting or requesting information about MEDINFAR or due to contacts you may have with any of our employees or customers, we may collect the following Personal Data:

a.Personal Contact Data, such as name, e-mail, address, telephone numbers, occupation;
b. Financial Data, such as tax identification number or means of payment;
c. Technical Data, such as data about your visits to our website or in relation to materials and communications sent online by MEDINFAR;
d. Data you supply to us for scheduling meetings or attending events, including accessibility restrictions;
e.Browser data, websites you have accessed, access dates, your location at the time of access, and your IP address.
f. Any other data you supply to us.

Furthermore, Personal Data may be processed about your preferences or interests while browsing our Website. Such Personal Data will only be used for the purposes of customization of the products we offer, as well as any commercial advertising/information we may send to you, in accordance with what is stated below.

How we obtain your Personal Data

MEDINFAR collects and processes your Personal Data in several ways, namely by our website and our services, specifically:

a. For the purchase of a MEDINFAR product;
b. Through our computer tools and applications, including our website and electronic communications sent to MEDINFAR;
c. When you supply us with Personal Data, or interact directly with us, such as through contacts with our employees;
d. Through other means and sources, such as using resources that make information publicly available to keep your Personal Data up-to-date.

How we use your Personal Data

We collect and treat your Personal Data in order to enable a more satisfactory browsing experience and provide you with top quality customer service. In fact, we collect, process, store and share your Personal Data for the following purposes:

a. To maintain our relationship with Data Owners;
b. To provide information you request from us;
c. To authenticate the identity of persons contacting MEDINFAR by telephone, electronically or other forms of communication;
d. To know and assess the interests, preferences and changing needs of our customers, our current products and services, and/or to develop new products and services;
e. To provide and improve our website, including by auditing and monitoring its use;
f. For internal training and quality control;
g. To conduct opinion polls and market research;
h. In pursuit of our legal, regulatory, and/or other obligations relating to any business relationship that has been established with you;
i. For recruitment purposes.

Moreover, whenever you have given us your consent by checking the field created for that purpose on our website, we can also process your Personal Data for commercial purposes, namely:

a. Notwithstanding the last paragraph of this Section, for the promotion of our services and our cosmetic products, by sending news and publications and details of institutional events.
b. To offer and provide information or advertising on social networks or third-party websites, in which you have registered, whenever you own them, and with according to the legal conditions and privacy policies you have accepted at any time. This includes any privacy settings you have had the opportunity to select on such social networks or third-party websites. Hence, we may share your Personal Data with third parties, including your interests and preferences, in order to display appropriate advertising.

Based on the consent requested in the previous paragraph, it will be easier to ensure that the commercial information displayed to you coincides exactly with what you are looking for. You should take into account that, even if you do not give us such a consent, you may find commercial information of MEDINFAR on social networks or third-party websites resulting from the purchase of advertising space on the abovementioned platforms. This will be done in accordance with the respective terms and conditions of use, without it implying access to your Personal Data by MEDINFAR.

If you are already our customer, MEDINFAR may use your Personal Data for direct marketing communications (“newsletters”) of its own products or services similar to those you have already purchased. You can disable the submission of such newsletters by clicking on the "unsubscribe" link located at the end of all communications you receive in this regard.

Marketing and other emails

We collect and process your Personal Data so that we can contact you in order to provide information about the products we sell and the activities in which we participate.


We collect and process your Personal Data, by your direct contact or when you participate in any event that MEDINFAR organizes or co-organizes. We will only process special Personal Data categories such as potential accessibility restrictions, so that we can meet your needs and fulfil some legal or regulatory obligations.


We collect and process Personal Data supplied in connection with job applications for employment opportunities at MEDINFAR. As you initiate this communication willingly, we consider that this means an express consent to the processing of your Personal Data contained in such communication, for recruitment purposes. In this case, MEDINFAR undertakes to limit access to the data shared by the applicant to those persons who need it in order to assess their application.

Contact/Clarification Requests

Those interested in obtaining information or requests for clarification, about MEDINFAR, our services or products, may share their Personal Data, through the website, by telephone or via email. Such Personal Data will be used exclusively concerning the processes for which they are intended.

On what basis we process your Personal Data

MEDINFAR processes your Personal Data on the following grounds:

a. Upon your specific consent;
b. In due diligence processes prior to the signing of agreements or an interest-based negotiation statement, and in the fulfilment of contractual obligations;
c. To comply with regulatory and legal obligations;
d. When processing is necessary for the legitimate interests of MEDINFAR; e. For legitimate commercial purposes.

How long we keep your Personal Data

MEDINFAR processes and retains your Personal Data pursuant to the purposes for which they are processed. Therefore, we take reasonable steps to ensure that your Personal Data is stored and accurately updated as per the purposes for which they were collected.

There are cases where the law requires the processing and retention of Personal Data for a minimum amount of time. Namely, ten years for data that may be required by the Portuguese Tax Authority for accounting or tax purposes, as well as seven years for anti-money laundering and terrorist financing purposes.

Conversely, whenever there is no specific legal obligation, your Personal Data will only be processed for the period necessary to fulfil the purposes for which they were collected and stored, always in accordance with the law, the guidelines and decisions of the CNPD.

As for contractual purposes, MEDINFAR will process your Personal Data for the period in which it maintains a contractual relationship with you. MEDINFAR may keep such Personal Data or other data for periods longer than the duration of the contractual relationship, based on your consent or to ensure rights or duties related to the contract, or because it has legitimate interests in such regard, but always for the period strictly necessary for the attainment of its objectives.

Regarding the video surveillance of its facilities, MEDINFAR will only keep images and respective Personal Data for a maximum period of 30 days.

With whom we share your Personal Data

We can share your Personal Data with third parties, our subcontractors, including:

• Our professional auditors;
• Suppliers with whom MEDINFAR contracts certain support services, such as editing, translations, copies, document reviews;
IT service providers;
Marketing Service Providers;
• • Entities involved in the organization of events or seminars or co-hosting them.

These entities will process your Personal Data according to instructions and on behalf of MEDINFAR. MEDINFAR requires its subcontractors to comply with a number of obligations, including those to protect your Personal Data adequately, ensuring special confidentiality and forbidding the use of such data for any purposes other than those mentioned in this Privacy Policy.

Where necessary, or for the reasons set out in this policy, your Personal Data may also be shared with regulatory authorities, courts and official bodies. We will endeavour all reasonable efforts to notify you prior to sharing your Personal Data, unless we are legally prevented from doing so.

We may also share your Personal Data with companies in the MEDINFAR Group or other entities, making sure that we only do so with entities that protect your Personal Data and abide by privacy standards that are similar or equal to those of MEDINFAR. Sharing your Personal Data with these entities will also be aimed at optimising the services of the MEDINFAR Group and for the legitimate interests of its affiliated entities.

In addition, we may share your Personal Data with third-party websites or social networks to facilitate the use of our platforms, as well as to provide MEDINFAR information that may be of your interest. Under no circumstance, will we incorporate data obtained through these third parties into our database without the consent of the Data Owner.

Your Personal Data will not be shared, sold, leased or disclosed in any way other than what is provided for in this Privacy Policy or in the information provided at the time your Personal Data was collected.

How we protect your Personal Data

We use all sorts of technical and organizational measures to help protect your Personal Data from destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure and access.
These measures include the implementation of access controls, firewalls and secure servers.


Personal Data collected through the MEDINFAR website is stored on secure servers. This type of communication is not unbreakable, but currently corresponds to good market practices. Personal Data is stored in databases managed by MEDINFAR or in third-party databases, with periodic data backups in order to minimise the likelihood of a loss of information in the event of a storage system failure.

In the event of a breach of the security systems that demonstrably results in unauthorized access by third parties to your Personal Data, in addition to other regulatory obligations that we will fulfil, we will inform you by email.

To which countries we transfer your Personal Data

We may be required to transfer your Personal Data to locations outside Portugal.

Thus, MEDINFAR may have to transfer your Personal Data to a third country outside the European Union ("EU"), which is not on the list of countries that the European Commission has already considered having adequate levels of Personal Data protection. In such cases, MEDINFAR will ensure that Personal Data transfers take place in strict compliance with the applicable legal rules and that they comply with certain guarantees, namely:

a. Standard contract clauses approved by the European Commission. These standard clauses provide sufficient assurance that the appropriacy and safety requirements established by the GDPR are met; or,
b. Certifications that demonstrate that third parties located outside the EU process Personal Data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation. These certifications shall be approved either by the European Commission or by a competent supervisory authority, or by a competent national accreditation body as provided for in the GDPR.

Your Rights

In accordance with applicable law, you have the following rights with respect to the processing of your Personal Data:

I. Right of access to Personal Data and their rectification

Data Owners are entitled to obtain confirmation as to whether or not their Personal Data is being processed. In such case, they have the right to access their Personal Data, as well as information regarding the purposes of its processing, the Personal Data categories in question, Personal Data recipients, the length of time for which they are to be retained, and the right to rectify or update them at any time.

II. Right to the portability of your Personal Data

Data Owners are entitled to the portability of their Personal Data. This means that Personal Data can be transferred, copied or transmitted electronically. However, this right only occurs when processing of your Personal Data is based on the consent given; or when processing occurs for the signing of a contract and by automated means.

III. Right to delete your Personal Data ("right to be forgotten")

Data Owners are entitled to request that their Personal Data be deleted, without undue delay. Namely, Personal Data that is no longer necessary, taking into account the purposes for which it was collected or processed. This includes withdrawal of consent previously provided for processing, and there is no legal basis for processing them; when you oppose the processing of your Personal Data for direct marketing purposes and in other cases set out in the General Data Protection Regulation.
Whenever Personal Data is not necessary for any purpose or there is no legal obligation demanding their retention, we will do our best to delete or anonymize them permanently.

IV. Right to limitation of processing

Data Owners are entitled to limit the processing of their Personal Data if they consider that the Personal Data collected is not accurate and that their Personal Data is not being processed in accordance with the applicable legal provisions. In this case, instead of deleting their Personal Data, they may choose to request the limitation of its processing, under a legal scope, and in other cases set forth in applicable legislation.

V. Right of objection

Data Owners are entitled to object to the processing of their Personal Data at any time. Regarding the processing of Personal Data for direct marketing purposes or other forms of promotion, Data Owners may object to it. Data Owners shall not be obliged to provide any justification in such regard at any time.

VI. Right not to be subject to automated individual decisions

Data Owners are entitled not to be subject to any decision taken solely on the basis of the automated processing of their Personal Data, including profiling, that produces effects on their legal sphere or significantly affects them in a similar fashion.

Enforcement of Rights

Data Owners may request access to their Personal Data at any time, as well as their rectification, deletion or limitation of their processing, portability of their Personal Data, or oppose to their processing (except for Personal Data strictly necessary for the provision of the services). This can be done by writing to dpo@medinfar.pt, with the subject "Privacy", alternatively, by sending a registered letter to the address of the Data Protection Officer.

We remind you that withdrawal of consent does not invalidate the lawfulness of your Personal Data processing performed until then.
In general, the enforcement of your rights is free of charge, except in the case of a manifestly unfounded or excessive request, in which case a reasonable fee may be charged taking into account the costs incurred with your request.
Information must be given in writing, although, if you request so, it may be given orally. In this case, MEDINFAR should check your identity by other means rather than your own oral statement.

Requests should be usually answered within a maximum of 30 days, unless the request is particularly complex or involves a large number of requests.
Notwithstanding any other administrative or legal resources, Data Owners have the right to lodge a complaint with the CNPD if they consider that their Personal Data is not being processed lawfully by MEDINFAR, in accordance with applicable legislation and this Privacy Policy.

Personal Data Controller

The Personal Data Controller is Laboratórios Medinfar, S.A., Corporate Taxpayer number 500 384 045, headquartered at Rua Henrique de Paiva Couceiro, nº 29, Venda Nova, 2700-451, Amadora. Therefore, in this capacity, MEDINFAR decides which Personal Data is collected, its means of processing, and purposes for which your Personal Data is used.

Data Protection Officer

MEDINFAR has appointed a Data Protection Officer (“DPO”) with the following contact details:

Pedro Simões Dias ◗ dpo@medinfar.pt ◗ Edifício Europa, Avenida José Malhoa,16, Piso 2 - B2 1070-159 Lisboa, Portugal.

How to contact us

If you have any questions, need any clarification, suggestions or have any complaints regarding this Privacy Policy or the processing of your Personal Data, please contact us at h.rgpd@medinfar.pt, with the subject "Privacy".

This Privacy Policy may be subject to amendments that will be reflected in this document.

Last updated: 28/APR/2020


Our Cookie Policy governs the processing of data, including personal data, of users ("User" or "Users"), collected for the use of the MEDINFAR GROUP websites through cookies, by the following GROUP entities:

  • Laboratório Medinfar – Produtos Farmacêuticos, S.A.
  • Medinfar Consumer Health – Produtos Farmacêuticos, Lda.
  • Medinfar Sorológico – Produtos e Equipamentos, S.A.
  • GP – Genéricos Portugueses, Lda.
  • Medinfar Serviços, Lda.
  • ETIFAR – Promoção de Produtos Farmacêuticos, Lda.
  • QUORUM – Promoção de Produtos Farmacêuticos, Lda.

This Cookie Policy should be read together with the Privacy Policy.


What are Cookies and what are they for?

Like most websites, for their proper operation, we occasionally install small files called cookies on your computer.

Cookies are text files with small pieces of data that are stored on your computer or mobile device through your browser.

These files allow for the website or application to "remember" your actions and preferences for a certain time.

What are cookies for?

This technology serves various purposes, including improving your browsing experience by determining the usefulness, interest and number of uses of our websites. This allows the user to browse more quickly and efficiently, without the need to enter the same data repeatedly.

EThis technology also allows us to distinguish users when using our websites and provide content, offers, campaigns, promotions or information targeted and personalized to user preferences.

Most browsers are set to accept cookies, although it is possible to set your browser to refuse all cookies or to indicate when a cookie is being stored on your computer.

When you browse our website or application and the cookie is accepted, on your next visit to our website or application, our Internet server will recognize your computer or mobile device.

What types of cookies are there?

Some cookies are strictly necessary to enable the technical features of our website. Other cookies are useful, for example, allowing us to recognize your device when you browse our websites and then store and manage your preferences.

In order to allow you to make an informed decision regarding the use of cookies that are not strictly necessary for the technical features of our website, please read the table below:

Considering the useful life of cookies, they can either be: Persistent Cookies These cookies are stored on your device even after you close your browser, whether it is a PC, mobile and tablet, and are used every time you visit one of our websites or applications. They are used to direct browsing towards the user's interests, allowing us to provide a more personalized service.
Session Cookies Temporary cookies that remain in your browser's cookie file until you leave the website. The data obtained through these cookies enables us to analyse web traffic patterns, allowing us to identify problems and provide a better browsing experience.
Considering the domain to which they belong, they can either be: Own cookies Cookies sent to the user's computer from a device or domain managed by any of the entities of the MEDINFAR GROUP, where the service requested by the user is provided.
Third-party cookies Cookies sent to the user's computer from a device or domain that is not managed by entities of the MEDINFAR GROUP, but by another entity that processes the data collected through cookies.

How and why do we use cookies?

Cookie Types Purpose Retention period Personal Data Collected
Session Cookies
It enables the user to be logged in with a unique identifier, that is, to keep the data supplied while filling out a form, even when the user goes back to the previous page. 1440 seconds Yes
Cookie wn_cookie Used to display or conceal the warning and acceptance bar of our cookie usage policy. 1 year No
Cookies Google Analytics (_ga, _gid, _gat_Gtag_UA_107842953_3) Collects statistical data on website usage. Up to 2 years Yes

Third-party cookies

Some cookies are defined by third-party websites and are therefore called "third-party cookies".

We do not control how social networks collect and use your personal data and its use is subject to the privacy policy of such a social network.

We use the Remarketing function of Google Inc. ("Google") on our Product websites. The purpose of this feature is to strategically place ads to our target audience while they browse on Google.

For more information about this feature and to manage your preferences, please visit: adssettings.google.com

For more information about Google Remarketing and Google's privacy policy, please visit: www.google.com/privacy/ADS

How to use Cookies?

Cookies are installed on your computer by clicking on the ACCEPT button or by your willingness to browse our website through one of the following actions:

  • Staying on our website for more than 30 seconds.
  • Scrolling up and down the page.
  • Clicking on any point or link on the page.

By performing any of these actions, the User accepts the use of cookies and IP address tracking files whose use allows the MEDINFAR GROUP to collect data for statistical purposes, such as identification of accessed pages, browser, operating system and user device, location, etc.

By changing the settings of your computer or mobile device, the user of our websites can enable or disable the acceptance of cookies.

All browsers allow users to accept, refuse or delete cookies, namely by selecting the appropriate settings.

Thus, the user can configure their browser to be informed whenever a cookie is received or, instead, disable its acceptance.

How to disable Cookies?

All internet browsers allow users to manage the cookies of the websites they visit. If you choose to disable cookies, it is possible that some features will not work correctly on your browser and may affect your browsing experience.

User Rights

In order to know how to enforce your rights regarding the protection of your personal data, as well as to obtain further information on the data processing terms carried out by the MEDINFAR GROUP, the user should consult our Privacy Policy.

Should you require any clarification, you may also contact the Data Protection Officer at dpo@medinfar.pt.

Last updated: 28/MAY/2020