Our approach

At the MEDINFAR Group, we conduct our business with respect, integrity and transparency. We promote a Compliance Culture so that employees and partners fulfil their individual responsibilities in decision-making processes, according to high ethical standards.

Code of Conduct

We follow the Code of Conduct of the MEDINFAR Group, which expresses the expectations that MEDINFAR has, in regard to its employees, as an employer and establishes behavioural standards that also apply to all interactions with its partners. We do not tolerate violations of our Code of Conduct. We are committed to identifying and addressing potential cases of noncompliance.

Open Door and Anti-Retaliation Policy

Our stance is to implement best practices within the company, aimed at an Open Doors Policy so that all employees can have an active voice. We also follow an Anti-Retaliation Policy. Therefore, no type of retaliation against people who question and report situations or suspicions of noncompliance will be tolerated.