No company is an island. From the outset, MEDINFAR Group has developed its activities by dynamically searching for partnerships with other pharmaceutical companies. Customers, competitors and suppliers who switch roles according to the business opportunities that are presented at any given moment.

The value of our partnerships in these sectors can be evidenced by our long-term contracts, which are successively renewed, contributing to solidify mutual trust, which can be translated into direct results in each project and the addition of new projects with the same partners.

The Business Development (BD) department of MEDINFAR Group operates in the management of existing alliances and continuously searches for new partnerships and projects, in coordination with the different business units and departments of MEDINFAR Group.

Our attitude towards each partner is guided by values of transparency, integrity, reliability, continuous communication and a long-term perspective. After the positive assessment of a new opportunity that complements MEDINFAR Group’s portfolio, capabilities and most prominent areas, we apply the necessary resources to attain the objectives of these projects.

We collaborate with other national, international and multinational pharmaceutical companies in the following projects:


Distribution of innovative medicines in Portugal


Development of new medicines and health products


Outsourced manufacture of medicinal products for human and veterinary use

Whether your project is still a draft or a ready-made product, talk to us so that you can have an actual impression of our services that have been tried and tested by many other customers and companies.

Our organization guarantees the infrastructure. However, the stress we place on the quality of our work is the most direct method of gaining the trust of your company.

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