Nappy change care

Keeping the baby's skin healthy is essential to prevent nappy rash. Nappy rash happens in the following cases: the baby has very sensitive skin; the baby's skin is in contact with wee or poo for a long time; in case of diarrhea by the digestive agents present in the stool; the baby develops an allergic reaction to the synthetic components of the nappy; the baby is on antibiotics or has candidiasis. For complete care, start by cleaning the baby's bottom and apply a cream to prevent nappy rash at each nappy change. In case of nappy rash, use a specific product for nappy rash.

Hygiene and moisturization of babies’ skin

Hygiene and moisturization of your baby's skin is very important. You can choose to bathe your baby at night if you want to soothe them or in the morning for a stimulating effect. To clean the baby, first dry the head and pay special attention to skin folds (neck, armpits and groins), to avoid skin irritation. Apply a moisturizing cream all over the body. The drier the skin, the greater the likelihood of lesions. You should also "warm" the cream first, spreading it on your hands.

Skin care during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a period of intense changes for women. Literally all vital systems of the body are affected, including the skin. Because part of the skin's elasticity is due to the amount of water in the stratum corneum (outermost layer of the skin), the use of moisturizers during pregnancy is extremely important, due to the increased distension of the skin during this period, which helps prevent the appearance of stretch marks. Skin moisturization is described as the most effective way to prevent the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy. Pregnant women should apply the cream at least twice a day.