Pain and inflammation

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are compounds that block the formation of prostaglandins. This is the case of ibuprofen. Prostaglandins are substances normally produced by the body that intervene in several physiological functions, such as protection of the stomach lining; blood pressure regulation; pain and inflammation. Thus, when NSAIDs block the synthesis of prostaglandins, they relieve pain and inflammation!

Pain and fever

Fever is a physiological mechanism with beneficial effects in fighting infection, slowing the growth and replication of bacteria and viruses and enhancing the body's defenses. Thus, fighting fever relieves discomfort and reduces the possibility of excess fluid loss by the body.

Vitamin C deficit

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is essential for the formation, growth and strengthening of bones, skin and connective tissue (which binds to other tissues and organs and includes tendons, ligaments and blood vessels). In addition, it contributes to the normal functioning of blood vessels, to maintain healthy teeth and gums as well as the absorption of iron by the body.

Sore throat

Sore throat, even when it is not severe, its symptoms can be bothersome and painful. It usually appears as a constant itching and burning sensation, accompanied by pain, especially when eating, drinking or swallowing saliva. Sore throat can have several origins: it is one of the most frequent symptoms of viral and bacterial infections, but can also be due to exposure to irritating substances such as tobacco smoke or air pollution. Lozenges and cough drops favor the production of saliva, lubricating the throat and soothing the pain.

Sore throat associated with cough

Viral infections, such as flu, laryngitis and colds, are among the main causes of an itchy, scratchy throat. It is very important to find the cause to fight sore throat. Drinking fluids or increasing the production of saliva with lozenges or cough drops can relieve symptoms. Moreover, acid reflux from the stomach and smoking can be irritating factors to the throat.

Cough with sputum

Cough can be characterized by its duration (acute or chronic) and nature (wet or dry). While acute coughing appears suddenly and disappears within days or weeks (usually associated with acute respiratory infections, such as colds or flu), chronic coughing lasts over time and can be related to multiple causes. Wet cough/sputum produces secretions that are worth of attention. Medical advice should be sought if wet cough lasts more than two weeks.

Dry cough

Cough is one of the most frequent symptoms of the respiratory system that expels foreign bodies and/or secretions that accumulate in the airways, on a case-by-case basis. Cough reflex can be triggered by various stimuli. Dry cough - no secretions - is an irritating cough, which is a response to stimuli that irritate the pharynx, larynx and upper respiratory tract.

Muscle pain

Muscle pains are felt in the muscles, as the name implies. They may affect a small area or the entire body, and may be mild or more severe. Muscle pain can make us aware of muscles that we have not even noticed before. Our body is made up of more than 600 muscles. Although most muscle pains disappear in a short while, other muscle pains can last for a longer period, sometimes even months.

Skin healing

When skin integrity is affected by trauma or illness, the healing process begins as an attempt by the body to regenerate its integrity. Thus, healing is the result of several biological events involved in the regeneration of the skin so that its function and appearance are healthy. The healing process occurs in three phases: inflammatory, proliferative and maturation.

Burns and scalds

The severity of a burn depends on several factors, namely the area, extent and depth of the burn. Burns are classified into three degrees, and the deeper it is, the greater the associated risk. With regard to scalds, it is important to know that the skin is the first barrier of our body against external aggressions and its care is an all year-round issue. However, skin care during summer should be enhanced, especially concerning after-sun care and scalds.